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Unified Realm

The Unified Realm is a federated nation on the northern continent of the Circle of the World. It is formed by the four fiefdoms of Asrael, Nilsael, Renfael, and Cumbrael. Its capital is Varinshold. It is surrounded by the Erinean Sea.

A fifth colony is called the Northern Reaches. The Northern Reaches is not considered to be part of the integral territory of the realm and is governed by the Tower Lord rather than a Fief Lord, with considerable independence. The region is separated from the realm by the Great Northern Forest controlled by the tribal Seordah, and the mountains of the Lonak.

Beyond the Northern Reaches are the unnamed and largely unexplored ice Pack Ice, and the periodically troublesome indigenous peoples.

The Unified Realm is pre-industrial, reminiscent of Europe in the Middle Ages. Varinshold is the largest city in the realm. Other major cities include Meanshall, Alltor, Maelinscove, Warnsclave, Andurin, and Cardurin. The populace is largely stratified by two broad classes: nobles and commoners. A man is born to his station and is expected to remain there.

The Faith is the dominant religion of the Unified Realm. It is a godless religion, that believes that the spirits of the dead called The Departed possess the ability to influence the fortunes of the living. The Faith's dominance often gives rise to conflict and oppression of other religions.

Janus Al Nieren

King of the Unified Realm. Originally king of Asrael, he ruthlessly conquered the neighbouring kingdoms of Cumbrael, Nilsael and Renfael. Succeeded by his son, Malcius.

Invaded the Alpiran Empire in order to annex the rich ports on the northern coast. The ensuing war ended in a victory for the Alpirans, although early in the conflict the Hope was killed. Vaelin Al Sorna, the man responsible for killing The Hope, was taken captive at the end of the war.

Malcius Al Nieren

King of the Unified Realm, succeeding his father Janus.


Fiefdom to the west of Asrael. Once part of the kingdom founded by King Varin, who led his people from somewhere oversea, and drove the Seordah Sil into the Martishe Forest and the Lonak into the mountains. About one hundred years after its founding, a great war occurred, possibly a war between the Faithful, that destroyed the Seventh Order. The chaos caused by this war brought the fracturing of the realm into the four kingdoms. Cumbrael was an independent kingdom until reconquered by King Janus al Nieren.

Ruled by Fief Lord (unknown) Mustor, until he was killed by his son Hentes Mustor, known as the Trueblade.

World Father

The World Father is a major religion in Cumbrael. It seems to be a monotheistic religion based around a religious text called the ten books; the First Book teach the truth of the World Father’s love, the Fourth Book concerns the Darkblade, the Fifth Book is the Book of Prophecy, the Tenth Book include the Prayer of Leaving for the dead. After the death of Hentes Mustor, an eleventh book, the Book of the Trueblade, is written, telling the tale of his life and martyrdom.


  1. The First Order is the Order of the Heart. The First and Second Orders are tasked with communing with the Departed. Its sigil is a flame.
  2. The Second Order is the Order of the Spirit or the order of contemplation and enlightenment. The First and Second Orders are tasked with communing with the Departed, as well as acting as missionaries to spread the Faith. Its sigil is the Sun.
  3. The Third Order is the Order of the Mind. They act as the map-makers, scribes and librarians of the Faith. Its sigil is a book and a quill.
  4. The Fourth Order is the Order of Direction. They vehemently suppress other religions, including deniers of The Faith, and followers of other religions, including people touched by The Dark. Its sigil is an Eye.
  5. The Fifth Order is the Order of the Body. They are the healers of the Faith. Its sigil is an open hand.
  6. The Sixth Order is the Order of Defense. They are warrior monks who safeguard the faithful. Its sigil is a blind warrior.
  7. The Seventh Order is the Order of the Dark. A mysterious and shadowy Order, its existence is known only to a few. The Dark is considered wicked and related to deniers of the Faith. Its sigil is the snake and goblet.

Alpiran Empire

The Alpiran Empire is a large nation to the south of the Unified Realm across the Erinean Sea.

It is ruled by an Emperor, with absolute and unrestricted power over his people. However, it is not a hereditary monarchy, the emperor chooses his successor from amongst his subjects; the heir is referred to as The Hope.

The realm is said to stretches for thousands of miles, from deserts of the north to frozen mountains of the south, with more people than there are stars in the sky. Similar to the Unified Realm, they are skeptical about the existence of the Dark, which they refer to simply as magic.

The Alpirans seem to worship a polytheistic pantheon of Gods.

Volarian Empire

The Volarian Empire is a nation on the southern continent of the Circle of the World, to the east of the Alpiran Empire. Slavery plays an important role in the society and economy of the empire. Periodic border wars occur between the Alpirans and Volarians.

The Empire is ruled by the members of the Volarian Ruling Council, who those people who own at least one hundred thousand slaves. They are known to drink the blood of the Gifted to obtain immortality.

Volarian society is heavily reliant on slavery, and defeat in conflict with the Volarians usually results in the enslavement of its people. Slaves often endured brutal treatment, and are used for everything from slave soldiers, to house-slaves and bed-slaves. Slaves that try and run away can expect no mercy. The Volarians have bred a specific breed of dog for chasing slaves, Volarian slave-hounds.

Freemen are also ridgely stratified, with the colour of one's clothes signify your status: blue indicates a journeyman of some kind, grey a person of property, black a person of significant property (one thousand slaves), only the very richest Volarians wear red. Their metalsmiths are counted the best in the world.